Connecticut based freelance fashion and beauty enthusiast, Dro Lopez, have always had a different take on expressing themselves through fashion. Their quirky and bold style have always been a reflection of their personality and how they convey their emotions out to the world. Wanting to stand out from the crowd, Dro started to dive into the world of fashion and beauty while mixing feminine and masculine aspects, right after their self discovery at the age of 18.


As a fashion stylist, Dro's mission is to empower unique individuals and to change how they view themselves by enabling that inner self-confidence through the expression of their style, fashion, and most importantly, their one-of-a-kind personality. Dro's refined eye for detail will allow them to create a more polished and professional end result, whether it's with high end products or items thrifted from a consignment store. In addition, Dro's focal point is executing fashion/style under any circumstance, while staying detail-oriented and keeping the vision of the team, alive. Nonetheless, they will create an art piece every part of the team will be proud of. 


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